Six Senses Spa Yoga

Don't miss your Yoga routine while on vacations. Book a private yoga class or one of our packages and immerse your self.  

Discover Yoga

Ideal for complete yoga novices and guests looking for alternative body and mind practice, the Discover Yoga program combines private sessions of hatha yoga, meditation and pranayama (breath regulation) with Six Senses signature treatments. 

Yogic Detox

Ideal for yoga aficionados and guests looking for less punishing detox programs, Yogic Detox combines aspects of asanas (hatha yogic postures), pranayama (breath regulation), meditation and satkriya (movement and breath exercise) to offer a profound experience. This program is complemented by a variety of detox and energy treatments. 

Private Yoga Classes

Try a private yoga class to perfect the basics or expand your practice. We offer private classes on various Yoga methods.

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